About us

Are you looking for an optimal yet original lighting solution for your spaces? We are happy to assist you and uncover the possibilities that our lighting solutions offer. We are experienced lighting designers, body and soul. We are AKL.


Spoločnosť AKL

We believe light is much more than just electromagnetic radiation. Light is an atmosphere. A medium. A mood. A style. A source of energy and a source of tranquillity. We know that even the most elegant and luxurious buildings, interiors or materials might look dull if not appropriately lightened. Conversely, correct illumination can blow your mind even in the simplest of spaces. Lighting is the final touch determining the overall result. And that's what we enjoy about it the most.


5 reasons why to leave the lighting project design and realisation to the AKL team: 


Assistance and advice. We have been working with lighting since 1999 and know more about it than anyone else. We constantly follow the latest trends and news, visit major European trade fairs and participate at professional seminars, conferences, and workshops hosted by our local or international partners.


We will create a professional solution tailored for you. We are experienced and flexible specialists and have worked on hundreds of projects we are proud of. In Slovakia, we have established a long-term and regular cooperation with electrical engineers and our fellow friends from the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture at the  Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.


We take care of everything. We know your time is precious and therefore we offer complex services: advisory,  project design and visualisation, supply of lights, installation and maintenance.


We work effectively. We create innovative and original solutions that will satisfy your requirements in terms of quality, design and financial possibilities.


You will be proud of the result.  We love what we do and approach each project individually, with an ultimate drive and enthusiasm. We strive for a result that will satisfy everyone, both you and us.